During the last few years Polyeco invests in Art. Through PCAI (Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative) faith is expressed that art can be a vehicle for raising public awareness on issues related to the environment.

EPE and its affiliated companies Polyeco and ERMA FIRST participate as sponsors in the program “Painting school buildings”, which is realized under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and have assigned to the graffiti team Urban Act to create a mural about the Sea and the Environment in the entire building of the 22nd Piraeus Primary School. The mural was created by the well-known visual artist Same84. Within the context of this action, the students were offered workshops while they were asked to participate in the painting of the lower surfaces. The three companies of the group responded to the call for the transformation of the school and sponsored the action, contributing to the wish of the school director and Piraeus Municipality to change the image of decay that characterizes the majority of school buildings. The action has a permanent profile and will remain as a consignment to the city of Piraeus forever.

PCAI's sponsorship to the 22nd Piraeus Primary School had a double purpose, the contribution to the improvement of the school environment for the children and our attempt to raise the students’ awareness on issues concerning the environment.


European Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day (EMD) has been established by the European Union and is celebrated annually on May 20th, aiming at highlighting the vital role of the sea for the life of the citizens, as well as for the sustainable growth. The European Maritime Day welcomes the growing maritime community and industry professionals from across the EU and invites them to join policymakers to discuss debate and exchange best practices. The sea and its opportunities are positioned in the epicenter of the dialogue.

Every year, the events take place in a different city-port of the EU, and Piraeus was the host city for the year 2015. The celebration of the European Maritime Day included two different focus points. The first comprisedof a conference, an exhibition and workshops, on May 28th and 29th. The second comprisedof the Sea Days that took place on May 30th and 31st in Piraeus.

For the first time this year, from May 28th to 31st, the Municipality of Piraeus organised the “Sea Days”, within the context of the celebration of European Maritime Day. The citizens and the visitors of Piraeus and the nearby cities, had the opportunity through a series of happenings to explore the city, popular and less popular landmarks, itineraries, people, as well as a vast range of activities which have the sea of Piraeus as their starting point. A panorama of events took place in more than 14 central spots. Exhibitions, tours, concerts, theatrical performances, traditional dances, film screenings, contests, bike rides, sport events, parties and many more surprises were offered to the visitors of Piraeus.

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