Developing sustainable practices in culture

PCAI partners with the Institut Français de Grèce on the occasion of its programme Plateau Media on Art & Ecology and its third part titled "Plateau Media 3: Developing sustainable practices in culture".

Taking place on Tuesday, September 17 at 19.30 in the Institut Français de Grèce the programme invites everyone to come and meet inspired personalities and to explore the relationships that link art to ecology. Designed by Vincent Cavaroc as a TV platform, Plateau Media is streamed live on the Internet so people can participate from anywhere.

Faced with the ecological crisis, the cultural sector must question its ways of dealing with the challenges of sustainability.

The international mobility of artists and other professionals involved in cultural events is constantly increasing, with the average carbon footprint of an exhibition proving enormous, including project design but also their transportation, installation and outlook.

Is it therefore possible to attempt eco-design of cultural events?

What tools and practices can be developed to improve the viability of a cultural initiative?

For this latest Art and Ecology meeting, dedicated to the creative community that deals with environmental issues, the reason is for cultural professionals to look for cultural responsibility for the urgent need for a change in social standards.



> Gwendolenn Sharp | Associate of the On the Move Cultural Mobility Network and founder of The Green Room

> Ifigenia Taxiopoulou Julie's Bicycle Corporate Partner, Secretary General of the European Theater Network mitos21

> Dimitri Yin | Founder of Phoenix Athens, gallery and artistic residency

> Maria-Adela Konomi | Founder of the OnMaterials platform


Coordination: Marc Delalonde, Independent Cultural Factor

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