Plateau Media 2

Supporting Ecological Creation

PCAI partners with the Institut Français de Grèce on the occasion of its programme Plateau Media on Art & Ecology and its second part titled “Plateau Media 2: Supporting Ecological Creation”.

Taking place on Tuesday, June 18 at 19.00 in the Institut Français de Grèce the programme invites everyone to come and meet inspired personalities and to explore the relationships that link art to ecology. Designed by Vincent Cavaroc as a TV platform, Plateau Media is streamed live on the Internet so people can participate from anywhere.

Ecological creation, yes, but by what means? After the first part of media devoted to ecological artistic practices, this second phase of reflection focuses on actors who have chosen to support militant creation.

While many organizations benefit from increased sensitivity to environmental issues in order to “run” green marketing campaigns and create an ecological image, a practice commonly referred to as greenwashing, other bodies are implementing concrete actions that promote the development of a culture of ecology.

Who are these bodies and what are their goals? What kind of support do they offer? Representatives of institutions, curators and artists will present us with the projects they carry out in their area and discuss the responsibility of institutions and institutions in the face of the global ecological crisis.

On the occasion of Plateau Media 2 a series of video art screenings from the PCAI Collection will take place in IFA (18.6-28.6.2019):
Eva Papamargariti, “Always a Body, Always a Thing (2017)
Natasa Efstathiadi, “Cotton Chronicles” (2015)
George Drivas, “Kepler” (2014)

Kika Kyriakakou | Collection Manager at Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative – PCAI
Marie Terrieux | Director of the François Schneider Foundation
Olga Chatzidaki | Co-founder of the independent contemporary art organization Locus Athens
Fotini Setaki | Architect & Co-founder of the Research & Design Studio The New Raw

Marc Delalonde, Independent Cultural Factor

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