PCAI’s educational workshop

in Delphi Primary School

On the occasion of the Keeping Time exhibition with works from the PCAI and the Fidelity Art Collections in “Pi”, PCAI has designed a workshop for young students focusing on art and environment. On October 20, the first part of the workshop took place through a guided tour, during which the students were introduced to the notions of art and materiality. The young participants had the opportunity to observe and reflect on the rich, local natural site of Delphi and develop their critical thinking on urgent environmental matters. Through the workshop the students also learned how to incorporate recycling and upcycling, both artistically and ecologically, in their everyday lives. The second part of the programme, concluding in November 2022, focuses on upcycling, circularity, engaging creativity, play and moving image.

Keeping Time exhibition, with works by Carly Glovinski, Lynne Harlow and Charly Nijensohn, functions as a reflection on time and materiality embedding the environmental concerns of both collections, as the curators, Patricia Dellorfano, Lexi Lee Sullivan (Fidelity Art Collection) and Kika Kyriakakou (PCAI), note. PCAI and Polygreen’s new dynamic space in Delphi under the name “π” (Pi, Global Center for Circular Economy and Culture), intends to further raise environmental awareness using contemporary art as its main vehicle. The Delphi Pavilion, as it was formerly known, is a recently renovated historical monument designed and constructed by leading Greek architects Dimitris and Petros Pikionis in the 1960s.

The workshop is designed and implemented by PCAI’s educational team (Vicky Tsirou and Vasia Magoula) in partnership with the Directorate of Primary Education of Fokida and the Delphi Primary School.

Activity aligned with Goals 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17