PCAI supports Bread by Locus Athens

Α Table and Territory project

PCAI supports Bread by Locus Athens as a part of the Table and Territory project: thinking about sustainability and new approaches to food production.

Locus Athens embarks on three-year exploration into bread as part of the broader program La Table et le Territoire, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Through various public events and shared moments of collectivity, participating artists Paky Vlassopoulou, Maria Varela and Hypercomf consider bread as a social and political tool for power and communion. The programme is supported by PCAI and the French Institute in Athens.

Paky Vlassopoulou in collaboration with baker Elissavet Koulouri led a workshop where they shared their respective crafts – kneading bread and clay. Elissavet Koulouri shared her knowledge of the time-consuming process of making sourdough bread, watching the bread ferment, the yeast rise, folding and unfolding, following the complex biological processes needed for bread to leaven. In turn Paky Vlassopoulou shared her knowledge of clay, making urns for the bread to be held, contained, inspired by the biological processes of the fermentation of bread. Breaking bread without friends is of course inconceivable – so artists Maria Varela and Hypercomf, were invited to come together to form, bake and celebrate. 

More about The Table and Territory

The Table and Territory is a transdisciplinary European cooperation project to develop and link a community of cultural actors that act for ecology and sustainable food across Europe. The project is implemented by six leading European players in the field of art, ecology and territories: Zone Sensible (France), Campo Adentro (Spain), ArtMill (Czech Republic), Locus Athens (Greece), the PAV – Parco Arte Vivente (Italy), under the coordination of a key player in the art and ecology scene: COAL (France) and in conjunction with institutional partners and associated scientists including the French laboratory LADYSS-CNRS.

Photo caption: Locus Athens, Bread session, 2 & 3 October, 2020. Photographer: Dimitris Parthimos