A community-based project in Athens

PCAI is one of the supporters of the Generation Symbiocene Initiative, or Gen (S), established in 2019. Gen (S) is a community-based project using art to reconnect people with nature and to change the mainstream environmental narrative. The project focuses on cultivating emotional symbiosis, meaning the art of 'living together' and to tell the story of the Symbiocene; coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht, this concept envisions a new era of companionship in human-nature relationships.

Experimenting with artistic tools such as story-telling, creative writing, music, dance and painting, the Gen (S) team aims at (re)creating emotional bonds with the other-than-human world, starting with Athenian green spaces. A series of community-building meetings are set to take place in the city center, where Gen (S) will share thoughts and feelings, meet other grassroots initiatives and explore different ways to raise ecological awareness. The project is based on the creation of the Gen (S) community through a series of meetings at Earth 44. This series of meetings starts on Thursday, February 13, whereas a number of workshops are going to take place in various other spaces and green areas in Athens.