Green Art Lab Alliance

PCAI becomes a member

PCAI has become a member of the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA), an international network of 45 arts organisations across Europe and Asia, including the Coalition for Art and Sustainable Development (COAL) in France and Julie’s Bicycle in UK, that aims to contribute to environmental sustainability through its creative practice. GALA Europe started in 2013 with the support of the European Commission and coordinated for two years by TransArtists (NL), whereas GALA Asia was established in 2015 with a kick-off meeting in Taipei hosted by Bamboo Curtain Studio and a year later in Bangkok hosted by BACC. GALA Latin-America kicked off in 2019 with new partnerships in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Bolivia.

The aim of the alliance is to function as a free support network; exchanging knowledge (for instance on reducing our carbon footprint), skills, strategies, staff, experiences, solidarity as well as resources on creative engagement with environmental issues between the various partners. The alliance allows for international and cross-disciplinary exchange, labs, meetings, workshops, seminars and residencies on topics concerning our (changing) natural environment and an opportunity to reach a more diverse and global audience when doing so.