New Earth International Film Festival

PCAI travels to Krakow

PCAI participated in the New Earth International Film Festival that took place in Krakow with its film A Boy That Saw The Ocean.

The Polish festival is important platform for young and professional filmmakers that started officially in 2016, as a small project in Krakow City. NEIFF at the time wanted to offer an extensive selection of screenings, workshops, and conferences that are free of charge for the audience, all of the connected with Environmental Issues.

The idea is to find various ways to start building the awareness of the damage caused to the environment, as well as to convey this awareness to children and young people. Therefore,festival artists, directors and participants can take up any topics related to environmental threats including deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, protection of endangered animal and plant species, climate change, depletion of natural resources, food waste, use of renewable energy global warming, solid waste and so on.

More info at NEIFF