PCAI’s new educational workshop approaches environmental topics through the 9th Art, that of comics. The two-day workshop takes place at the Delphi Primary School in partnership with the Directorate of Primary Education of Fokida and it is inspired by “Pi”, the former Tourist Pavilion of Delphi, and Dimitris Pikionis’ essay “Gaias Atimosis” (Earth Dishonoured). Written in 1954, the text reflects on the notions of harmony and innate balance, which are found in nature. Pikionis openly denounces the exploitation of the natural environment, while highlighting the importance of protecting nature and cultural heritage for the future. 

The young participants get the opportunity to develop their critical thinking on urgent environmental issues using as an expressive tool the visual language of comics. Through an introduction to the origins and theory of comics and a creative workshop, the students further understand the powerful visual vocabulary, they experiment with visual forms of storytelling and create stories that echo environmental concerns with the aim to raise awareness on crucial ecological problems. PCAI’s workshop is part of a series of educational programmes conducted in Delphi, focusing on upcycling, circularity, engaging creativity, play and art as alternative methods of learning.

The workshop is designed and implemented by Vicky Tsirou and Vassia Magoula. Workshop concept: Kika Kyriakakou. In partnership with the Directorate of Primary Education of Fokida and the Delphi Primary School.


Activity aligned with Goals 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17