at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus

PCAI organizes Bridging the Gap Tandem Workshop at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus in the context of Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition.

The four-day workshop program focuses on the presentation of the five shortlisted artists of Bridging the Gap Open Call along with a number of keynote presentations and roundtables by established members of the theater and performing arts community in Greece. These presentations will attempt to unravel the current Greek theatrical scene as well as the challenges and concerns Greece faces as a Southern periphery. Additionally, the workshop will be accompanied by a series of onsite visits and tours in Piraeus and Athens.

The shortlisted artists for Tandem Workshop are: Tzeni Argyriou, Vassilis Noulas (Nova Melancholia), Evi Souli (Stereo Nero), Eva Giannakopoulou and Despina Sanida Crezia (Vigil).

The finalist artist or collective will implement their project and work in tandem with PCAI (Greece), ARTEMREDE/Torres Vedras (Portugal) and L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora (Italy) in the production of a new creation under the topic “Bridging the Gap”


About Stronger Peripheries

Stronger Peripheries is a large cooperation project co-funded by the Creative Europe Culture Programme, gathering eleven arts’ management organizations and three research institutions from ten Southern-European countries. It is the first project to be implemented by the Southern Coalition, an informal network that connects locally anchored cultural practices in a European South, aiming at overcoming isolation and boosting the skills of artists, cultural professionals, and audiences. Stronger Peripheries questions and discusses the notions of “south” and “peripheries” from a socio-political and socio-cultural point of view, providing an opportunity to renegotiate our identities through culture and the empowering confluence of cultural difference.  

Website: strongerperipheries.eu

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Activity aligned with Goals 4, 5, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17