A new fashion collection on pollution and catharsis

PCAI is excited to announce one more collaboration with SERAPIS on the occasion of the collective’s collection ‘Your Merchandise And All Your Company Have Fallen In The Midst Of You’, a meditation on pollution and catharsis. The collection examines the environmental side effects of global commerce and seafaring industries. Shipwrecks, oil spills, maritime catastrophes, and the efforts made to contain their impact on the ocean are explored through:

  • A partnership with PCAI’s and Polygreen’s photographic database. SERAPIS has reproduced image details from their projects and missions throughout the collection and developed its first vegan leather bag by emulating the form of the waste collection bags used on clean-up sites.
  • Access to the archive of former ship captain Evgenios Tigkas. Continuing to focus on spirituality and the poetics of human output, SERAPIS has selected newspaper clippings, photographs, and cut-outs of extraordinary maritime moments and exhibited them in various forms on printed silk, cotton, denim, and technical fabrics.


More about SERAPIS:

SERAPIS is a hybrid art, design and fashion collective which creates work inspired by the aura of the oceans and the industries related to the sea. It aims towards an expansion of the boundaries of artistic production and distribution and functions like a multimedia ocean-themed novel.This results in a human-centric narrative, which takes place inside the universe of the sea but is instilled by an intense spirituality throughout its imagery and references. This artistic production can also be read as a contemporary seascape.

*Now That You Are Broken, In The Depths of The Waters, Your Merchandise And All Your Company Have Fallen In The Midst of You.
Ezekiel 27:34

Activity aligned with Goals 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 16, 17