R-Evolution Project

PCAI joined as a partner

The R-Evolution Project is a European-funded program with the aim to support the creative processes of a new generation of performance artists, encouraging cultural exchanges and providing participants with new creative stimuli as a result of the interaction and contamination between different cultural and geographical areas.

The program includes a series of residencies, meetings and discussions for young creatives under 35 from Europe, Asia and Latin America. It is an international experience for playwriters, directors, actors, choreographers, dancers, performers, set designers, video-makers, visual artists, and producers to develop original works, as a result of cooperation and exchange between different cultures and poetics.

PCAI is among the 15 international partners of the programme along with Nuovo Teatro Sanità, Sardegna Teatro, Primavera dei Teatri Festival, Scena Nuda, Teatro della Città, Greek Art Theatre Karolos Koun, Between the Seas, Hammana Artist House, Artemrede, Teatro General San Martin, Fundación Teatro a Mil, Corporación Teatro Regional del Biobío, Paisaje Publico, INAE, Implosivo Artes Escenicas from Italy, Greece, Lebanon, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

From October 31 to November 7 the R-Evolution project travels to Piraeus and Athens for its first creative residency in the area. On this occasion, PCAI will host the artists’ meetings in partnership with the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, where the activities of the project will take place. Visual artist Maro Michalakos is the keynote speaker invited to present her work and practice to the resident artists during the Piraeus programme.

With the support of the Municipal Theater of Piraeus and the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens.

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