PCAI In Circular Cultures

Organised by Onassis and the British Council

PCAI was excited to participate in the Circular Cultures program organized by the British Council and the Onassis Foundation in Stegi OCC. The aim of Circular Cultures is to build on the experience of Crafting the Future, focusing on building interconnections and stronger ties between stakeholders in the fashion, design and crafts industries with a view to creating a more sustainable and ethical ecosystem.

As part of Circular Cultures, PCAI presented the Earth Chronicles exhibition with a series of videos from its Collection and works by George Drivas, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Eva Papamargariti and Sophia Al-Maria; the show was curated by Kika Kyriakakou.

Image caption: Earth Chronicles as part of Circular Cultures ©PanosKefalos for Onassis Stegi

More About Circular Cultures
British Council, through this event, explores sustainable design, innovation and new materials, looking at new directions for natural, synthetic and mixed materials; consider how archival material can help visualise the future by looking closely at the past; devise new models for creative industry, production and manufacture; examine the social and business environment; and lastly identify the changes that lie ahead for people – designers, businesses, educators, users and policymakers – moving into more circular design contexts.

The event was held on February 27th & 28th in Stegi OCC.
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