The PCAI Collection

Polyeco Group and PCAI headquarters, Piraeus

Works from the PCAI Collection are exhibited in the headquarters of Polyeco Group and PCAI in Piraeus, a concept that focuses on the integration of contemporary art into the daily work environment and the employees’ interaction with video art inspired by the company’s environmental activity. The new offices were designed by architect Margarita Hatzakou with respect to the environment and the company’s philosophy and were recently captured through Yiorgis Yerolymbos’ lens.

Commenting on the creation of this innovative exhibition venue, Hatzakou noted: “The main concept behind the design was the idea of coexistence of ‘work’ and ‘art’. Our idea was to allow art to become the co-creator of the space. The choice of an open-plan workspace anticipates an open dialogue between the artworks and office workers, who are the representatives of a daily, creative process. The workspace appears white and bright, almost transparent, permitting visual contact with all art projection surfaces. The parallel openings at specific points of the closed areas necessary for the proper function of the offices become ‘windows into art’. Storage units for documents and personal items are also available, allowing the space to remain simple and uncluttered and granting art the right to coexist equally inside it. A main concern was to make sure that all interventions were discreet and respectful to the building and environment, avoiding any attempt to overshadow the character of the old structure.”

The PCAI Collection in Piraeus opened on World Environment Day, June 5, 2018, on the occasion of the prelude event to the Resilient Futures exhibition. 

PCAI Piraeus Installation Shots | Architectural Design: Margarita Chatzakou | Photographer: Yiorgis Yerolymbos,