PCAI Collection

A Member of IACCCA

In September 2018 PCAI became a member of the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art IACCCA, the only Greek participant in this unique network of more than 46 members who represent the best of the corporate collections of the contemporary art community.

IACCCA brings together the curators of corporate collections from around the world in order to reflect on the future and the responsibilities of corporate collections with a view to fostering adequate and innovative practices in a constantly changing environment.

In brief IACCCA is a non profit organisation created in 2007 by and for professional corporate curators. It is a unique network of more than 50 members who represent the best of the corporate collections of the contemporary art community. Twice a year IACCCA’s meeting gather the experts from 18 countries around a theme chosen by the corporate art curators.

IACCCA’s Mission focuses on the following points:

> Establishing Standards of Excellence

IACCCA sets standards for corporate collections in management and collections organisation. It establishes guidelines for professional practice and achievements for corporate collections. By joining ICOM, IACCCA has adopted their Code of Ethics for Museums as a reference and each member is committed to respecting this code.

> Developing the professional network

Boasting over forty members members, IACCCA is a unique international and professional network of corporate collection and their curators. IACCCA brings together curators and museum experts to discuss various contemporary art-related themes.

> Leading a Global Think Tank

IACCCA’s task groups conduct advanced research in fields for the beneficit of the corporate community. These are forums for advanced studies on issues such as Commissionning Art Works, Corporate Collections & Museums, Staff Engagement & Education, Lobbying & Corporate Social Responsability, Legal Issues & Code of Ethics.

*Image credits: PCAI Piraeus Installation Shots | Architectural Design: Margarita Chatzakou | Photographer: Yiorgis Yerolymbos, yerolymbos.com