Partnership with TBA21’s Ocean Archive network

on the occasion of Plateau Media

On the occasion of the 3rd Plateau Media on Art and Ecology PCAI and IFA announce their participation in the Ocean Archive network on Climate Justice for a Living Ocean.

From September 17 to September 28 a series of animation screenings under the title “The Boy that Saw the Ocean and other stories” will take place in the IFA premises on the occasion of the 3rd Plateau Media. These short films have been produced during PCAI’s educational programs on environmental awareness in partnership with schools and institutions in Greece, Oman and Mauritius. PCAI’s educational films have been awarded during the ISWA 2018 Conference in Kuala Lumpur and have travelled to animation and children film festivals all over the world.

More about IFA’s Plateau Media in partnership with PCAI

For 2019 Institut Francais d’ Athenes has partnered with PCAI on the occasion of its Plateau Media program on Art & Ecology. Along with a number of professional meetings and workshops a series of discussions moderated by Marc Delalonde take place in the IFA premises as part of the Plateau Media program. Designed by Vincent Cavaroc as a TV platform, Plateau Media is streamed live on the Internet so people can participate from anywhere.
The 3rd Plateau Media titled “Developing sustainable practices in culture” takes place on Tuesday, September 17 at 19.30 and invites everyone to come and meet inspired personalities and to explore the relationships that link art to ecology.
Faced with the ecological crisis, the cultural sector must question its ways of dealing with the challenges of sustainability. The international mobility of artists and other professionals involved in cultural events is constantly increasing, with the average carbon footprint of an exhibition proving enormous, including project design but also their transportation, installation and outlook. Is it therefore possible to attempt eco-design of cultural events? What tools and practices can be developed to improve the viability of a cultural initiative?

More about Ocean Archive

Initiated by the TBA21–Academy, Ocean Archive is being developed by User Group in collaboration with Across the Cloud and Lucid.

Climate Justice for a Living Ocean is prompted by the release of the forthcoming Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, to be issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The event at the Ocean Space in Venice, Italy, convenes a network of artists, activists, scientists, policy experts, and frontline community leaders to critically examine the implications of the report. It will review the report’s dire statistics to emphasize the urgency of coordinated climate action. But, the event will also focus on current initiatives, ongoing and future actions, and localized responses to ask: how would the state of the ocean change if existing conservation efforts were amplified and expanded? How can bolder politics and policies ensure meaningful commitments to ocean health? What cultural practices, literacies, and imaginaries can be shared and fostered across oceans to avert climate catastrophe?

The Ocean Space in Venice, Italy, will host the flagship Climate Justice for a Living Ocean event, livestreamed on the on September 28, 2019 from 3-7pm CEST.

*Photo Caption: Still images from The Boy That Saw The Ocean (2018,2’ 42’’) produced by PCAI, © PCAI