Voyage around my Room

organised by Unesco's World Book Capital

In 2016 UNESCO has announced that Athens would be the World Book Capital for 2018. From  April 23rd, 2018 to April 22, 2019 a series of exhibitions, events and performances have been organised by the City of Athens in partnership with UNESCO to celebrate this nomination. PCAI participates in "Voyage around my Room", a group exhibition organised by Athens World Book Capital 2018, with Sophia Al Maria's work from its collection.

The exhibition concept originated in 2016 and embarks from Virginia Woolf’s legendary essay “A Room of One’s Own”, published in 1929, and its relevance to newly introduced sociological and political concepts like digital feminism and the #metoo movement. The room (ma chambre), personal space as described in Xavier de Maistre's classic book "Voyage Autour de Ma Chambre" (1794), where the title derives from, as well as concepts such as privacy, autonomy and self-expression are key points of reference to the exhibition works created by international contemporary artists and writers. The exhibition attempts to initiate a new discourse on the notion of room and personal space, affected by the constant changes in our relationship with the environment, technology and the others, in continuation to the discussion that originated in classic essays and works of literature. Sophia Al Maria’s video “The Magical State” (2017) that is presented in the show, along with its strong environmental connotations functions as a feminist metaphor for oppressed women and people suffocating within the bounds of a forced condition.

Exhibition curator/ concept: Kika Kyriakakou

Participating artists: Sophia Al Maria, Theodoros Chiotis, Dora Economou, Philomena Epps, Jeanne Graff, Juliana Huxtable, Dimitris Ioannou, Sharon Kivland, Sylvere Lotringer, Jonas Mekas, Maro Michalakakos, Eva Stefani, Amalia Ulman, Kostis Velonis

Location: Athens Municipality Art Center