PCAI Collection Artist Petros Moris

"ALONE" in Tavros

PCAI is glad to share that PCAI Collection Artist, Petros Moris’ solo show ALONE, curated by Maria-Thalia Carras is opening on May 15, in TAVROS, Athens. ALONE presents a series of ten sculptures which form part of an origin story. In an abandoned urban playground in Lamia, Petros Moris’ hometown, a mosaic work crafted by his parents caught his interest once tagged by a local graffiti artist with the word: Alone. Moris extracted this ‘ready-made’ from public space, fascinated by the complexity of its inadvertently communal workmanship, labour and authorship. Through the anonymous gesture of tagging and Moris’ own appropriation, the mosaic transforms into what the artist calls an ‘assembled cultural artefact’.

ALONE is then a parable on provenance, asking what matter are we made of? Who shapes our identities? What flows and fluxes of information do we contain? Which soil, earth, urban detritus are we derived from? Biography may be reductive, but to what extent? ALONE posits itself as an open-ended query, born from a hesitancy regarding how much of one’s work should or could be a revelation of self, demonstrative of  the demons of childhood, the fault lines of our past. Physical presence, whether human, geological or urban, internalised here as fractured and broken, is presented, perhaps misunderstood yet always tangible in its multilayered complexity.

Compressed in the eerie post-human sculptures and ghost-like mosaic slabs (cast from the original found mosaic) inhabiting TAVROS for a few months are the complex wirings of Moris’ circuitous thinking about scale, entropy, the geological and the urban.

Exhibition duration: May 16th-July 6th


Activity aligned with Goals 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 16, 17