What happens in the cargo hold?

PCAI's new educational film on Kounellis, Piraeus and the environment

Concept – educator: Katerina Zacharopoulou

April 6 – May 9, 2021, PCAI's Youtube Channel

PCAI's latest educational film titled What happens in the cargo-hold? was created in the context of the pre-covid PCAI workshop in the Municipality Theatre of Piraeus in collaboration with the 2nd and the 21st primary schools of Piraeus. The film is inspired by Jannis Kounellis, his relationship with Piraeus and the importance of environmental consciousness, objects and materials in his work. The film and the program were conceived and designed by visual artist and art educator Katerina Zacharopoulou. Visual artist Makis Faros was in charge of cinematography and workshop documentation. The film will premiere on April  6, 11 am (EET), on PCAI's YouTube channel, and on Municipality Theatre of Piraeus site dithepi.gr . 

Visit PCAI’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/PCAIpolyeco


More about Katerina Zacharopoulou

Katerina Zacharopoulou is a visual artist, born in Athens, where she still lives and works. She studied painting, drawing, theory and history of art and attended seminars on contemporary art and education in the Centre George Pompidou Paris. In 1998 she lived and worked in Chicago USA, exhibiting her artworks and designing educational programs for Greek schools.  Her work focuses on subjectivity and the differentiation of public and private expression, on the importance of memory and archiving in art, on a personal as well as a collective level. She presents television and radio shows. Since 2003, she has been hosting Τhe Era of Images (Η Εποχή των Εικόνων) on ERT  TV Channel, the only show for contemporary art in Greek television. She has organized conferences and educational programs in museums, and presented her work in solo and group exhibitions. Her lectures and educational programs regarding contemporary art are narrations on the relationship between human nature in the era that we are living in rather than theoretical approaches to art history.

Image caption: "What happens in the cargo hold”,  PCAI’s educational program  in the Municipality Theatre of Piraeus,  educator: Katerina Zacharopoulou © PCAI