PCAI at British Council’s Climate Connection

On the occasion of COP26

The British Council’s Climate Connection is a global initiative, which brings people around the world together to meet the challenges of climate change. Taking place in the run up to the United Nations climate conference, COP26, it’s about sharing ideas and taking positive action together. More specifically, it connects 200 million people from different countries, generations and backgrounds – young people and policymakers, artists and scientists, business and community leaders, and many others. In particular, it focuses on the next generation of climate leaders of all sectors and gives practical support to young people and communities most impacted by climate change, helping them share their perspectives globally and achieve real change.

Between 31 October to 12 November, Climate Connection is bringing to the audience, policymakers both online and on site our best learning and teaching resources, climate academic research and essays, solutions to climate challenges via digital, arts, schience, technology and cultural relations, and much more during COP26. At COP26’s Blue Zone, British Council’s The Climate Connection Pavilion is receiving dozens of visitor everyday, from senior government ministers across the world, to policy makers, academics, and youth representatives.

Being part of the conversation, PCAI’s Artistic Director, Kika Kyriakakou, after British Council’s invite, shares her story for a more sustainable, resilient and environmentally conscious world through the prism of art along with other green practitioners and professionals.

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