Βούλα Ανδρώνη ΕΛΠΕ ΕΛΕΥΣΙΝΑΣ 7

PCAI (Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative) collection of contemporary art has been enriched with two new works by artists Konstantinos Vittis and Natasa Efstathiadi, while four new commissions to artists Anja Kirschner, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Loukia Alavanou and Vasilis Karouk are at production stage.

In September, PCAI sponsored the artist Emilia Bouriti. The artist’s performance Eleusis | Space Time Energy, which explores the relationship between the human body and the industrial landscape of Eleusina, was held Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at the Old Olive Oil Factory under the Aeschylia Festival 2015. The project is a fermentation of childhood memories of the rural and industrial Thriasion field area. In the center of the Thriasio field is Eleusina, a place of significant ancient history, which also marks the industrial development of the country over the past century.