Gallery Climate Coalition

PCAI becomes a member

PCAI becomes a member of the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC), a charity founded by a voluntary group of London-based gallerists and professionals working in the commercial arts sector as an attempt to develop a meaningful and industry-specific response to the growing climate crisis. Originally conceived as a day-long conference, the initiative evolved out of a shared concern across the art world that not enough was being done to tackle our collective environmental impact. After March 2020 the GCC began the process of creating a website and carbon calculator, designed to help the art world reduce its impact on the climate.

The GCC website aims to inspire and educate, as well as provide practical tools and information. The easy-to-use carbon calculator is available free of charge to all GCC members. This tool has been specifically tailored to galleries and the commercial art sector, allowing users to quickly identify the main elements of their carbon footprint and start to take action. The website also features an on-going video series, featuring key voices in the arts and beyond, to give broader context and perspective. GCC aim for the website to become a platform for discussion and debate on a spectrum of issues related to the environment and climate change, and their wider social and economic consequences. 

The GCC is actively recruiting galleries, art workers and artists to join the coalition and contribute to the GCC website and its research, as well as working towards its core mission of collectively reducing carbon emissions by 50% over the next ten years (in line with the Paris Agreement), and promoting near zero-waste practices. The coalition was founded in London, but aims to extend its scope to all individuals and organisations across all geographies. 

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