Polygreen Culture & Art Initiative (PCAI) and the Fidelity Art Collection inaugurate their new group exhibition in Delphi, Greece, with works from their respective collections. The curators Patricia Dellorfano, Lexi Lee Sullivan (Fidelity Art Collection) and Kika Kyriakakou (PCAI) note: “Keeping Time exhibition, with works by Carly Glovinski, Lynne Harlow and Charly Nijensohn, functions as a reflection on time and materiality embedding the environmental concerns of both collections.”

Carly Glovinski’s work explores the make-do, resourceful attitudes associated with domestic craft and a reverence for nature and the great outdoors. The elements of time and place are embedded in her work, measured by tides and seasonal flower blooms, and marked by labor and repetitive process. For Keeping Time she will be exhibiting her most recent body of work, Canning the Sunset made during the pandemic. She received her BFA from Boston University and is represented by Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York. Glovinski lives and works in New Hampshire, US.

Lynne Harlow is known for her elegant and considered explorations of light and space. Working in the language of reductive minimalism, she creates striking encounters with color and form. Created for the exhibition, Harlow’s Delphi Lodestars are seemingly magical objects that merge the natural and the manmade. Harlow has exhibited regularly in the U.S. and internationally. She holds an MFA from Hunter College and a BA from Framingham State College, and is represented by MINUS SPACE and Liliana Bloch Gallery. She lives and works in Rhode Island, US.

In Charly Nijensohn’s Beyond the End a group of people find themselves floating without direction, united and in solitude, as they contemplate the collapse of their universe. During the pandemic the artist was invited by PCAI to rework on his 2007 project shot in Upernavik, Greenland with members of the Inuit community. Nijensohn works on the idea of confrontation between humanness and the natural forces of the universe surrounding it. He represented Argentina at the 50th Venice Biennale (2003) and has exhibited in Singapore Biennale (2008), Whitechapel Gallery (2010) and Bienal Sure (2017) amongst other places.

Keeping Time
is hosted in the Delphi Pavilion, the recently renovated historical monument designed and constructed by leading Greek architects Dimitris and Petros Pikionis in the 1960s. PCAI and Polygreen’s new dynamic space under the name “π” (Pi, Global Center for Circular Economy and Culture) intends to further raise environmental awareness using contemporary art as its main vehicle.


More about the Fidelity Art Collection

Fidelity Investments, a leading financial services institution, inspires better futures and delivers better outcomes for customers and businesses globally. Headquartered in Boston and privately held for more than 70 years, the firm is passionate about art and supports creative communities throughout the United States and internationally. The Fidelity Art Collection, officially launched in 1980 and comprised of over 12,000 contemporary works, is committed to presenting art that is current, living, and evolving in response to the issues of today and the goals of tomorrow. As such, the Collection features artwork that is experimental, intellectually curious, and technically precise across all media. The art is displayed in over 245 office locations worldwide and is activated through a robust calendar of education programs, sparking creativity and connection.


The Fidelity Art Collection and the PCAI Art Collection are both members of the International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art (IACCCA)


Venue: “π” (Pi, Global Center for Circular Economy and Culture) in Delphi, Greece

Opening: June 23 at 20:00

Duration: June 23-October 30, 2022

Visiting days and hours: Wednesday to Sunday 9am-12pm & 5pm-8pm

Free entrance

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