George Drivas, Structures of Feelings

at the Athens Concert Hall, 2020

PCAI is happy to support Structures of Feelings, George Drivas new solo exhibition in the Garden of the Athens Concert Hall opening on July 23 at 9 am.

The exhibition is held with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in the AnnexM, under the artistic direction of Anna Kafetsi. The exhibition, curated by Anna-Maria Kanda, presents three new productions that will be shown in the Garden until September 20th, every day, after sunset and until midnight, with free admission.
Known to the public from the national representation at the Greek pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale (2017) as well as from his solo exhibitions at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (2018, 2009) and at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome (2017), Drivas presents his work for the first time in the open public space and transforms the idyllic Garden into an enigmatic world, yet, at the same time, very familiar to ours.

The current as well as prophetic new work of the distinguished artist was produced and presented in the middle of a transitional era, the importance of which we are just beginning to feel. With the Structures of Feelings, Drivas invites us to reflect on the limits of human action, but also imagine ourselves as co-creators of our world.

In the three video installations of the exhibition (Empirical Data 2.0 [2019], Aeonium [2020] and Kaizo [2020]) the artist unfolds different outcomes of the same story and “tests” hypothetical versions of an indefinite “scenario”. The work brings the viewers face to face with a peculiar repertoire of characters, sometimes presented to us as messengers of bad news and other times as carriers of raw emotions. They face unexpected events, persistently return to previous experiences, repeat words and thoughts that have already been said. In this way, the artist wants his audience to finally feel the sense of psychic and historical time as well as capture the “special quality” of our time.

The Structures of Feelings actors are: Rena Kyprioti, Christos Malakis, David Malteze, Antonis Myriagos, Maria Skoula, Theodora Tzimou.