Se ti Sabir

James Bridle, 2020

James Bridle

Se ti Sabir



HD Video with sound, 18’48”

“Se ti sabir” is a film reflecting on language, intelligence, and our relationship with new technologies and non-human species. ‘Sabir’ is a word from Lingua franca, a language spoken on and around the Mediterranean for over eight hundred years, made up of words and grammar from Berber, Turkish, French, Greek, Arabic, and other languages. It means “to know”, and was also used as a greeting when two people speaking different languages met: ‘Sabir? Do you know? Can we speak?’ Just as we are learning more about the many different forms of intelligence that populate the world, we are also allowing computational systems to take over ever more of our cognitive and creative processes. “Se ti sabir” tries to imagine new ways in which we might understand one another, the beings that surround us, and the ones we are creating.