Danae Stratou

ICESONGS2 (Icesongs Squared)


Video HD installation, 20′
Floor projection & soundscape
Aspect ratio 16:9

Credit Line
In collaboration with Vasilis Kountouris

Object label
ICESONGS2 (Icesongs Squared) is an audiovisual installation which emerged from the site-specific installation ICESONGS created by Danae Stratou at La Verriere, the exhibition space of the Fondation d’ Enterprise Hermes, in Brussels in 2010.
The soundscape was generated from sounds emitted directly from the Antarctic Ocean’s shifting icebergs as they sail away, collide, brake and melt. They were captured by directional underwater microphones lying on the seabed of the Antarctic Ocean now used by researchers for monitoring Antarctica’s melting ice shelf. They used to be part of a massive US monitoring network whose aim was to track the paths of Soviet nuclear submarines as they crisscrossed the South Pacific.
The composition of ICESONGS2 is kept intact as per the original composition ofthe installation ICESONGS (2010). It is a 20’ minute soundscape synthesised by transforming and fluctuating the speed of 7 of the original underwater “soundwave” recordings.
The visual imagery consists of a mixture of video footage shot from the original installation ICESONGS at La Verriere combined and edited with some original underwater footage shot by the sound and multimedia specialist, VasilisKountouris.

Year of acquisition 2018