Text by Nadja Argyropoulou

Paratoxic Paradoxes

an exhibition organized by Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI) and the Benaki Museum,
22 March -21 May 2017
Benaki Museum, Pireos St. Annexe
Athens, Greece

  Is man's relationship to the environment the most controversial, complex and unfinished project of humanity?

  A long history of ideas, philosophies, sciences, arts, politics and events seems to confirm this tumultuous relationship and its pending matters, as it becomes evident that treating the political in terms of a relationship limited only among humans is insufficient, and that all the world's species, things and beings must be represented in a sustainable symbiosis.

  The exhibition Paratoxic Paradoxes presents new works of moving image (film, video, animation, digital imaging, etc.) that explore this critical question through the contemporary viewpoint of political ecology and eco-criticism, as it is shaped in the crux of art, politics, socioeconomic demands, pedagogy and activism, beyond naive classifications, univocal readings and outdated strategies.

  The exhibition is the first public presentation of a capsule of eleven original art works created through commissions to international artists by the cultural, nonprofit platform Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI) and curator Nadja Argyropoulou. The project, which began two years ago and is now presented through this exhibition, should be considered, to a certain extent, as part of the global response and mobilization of artists, theorists, curators, scientists, activists, creative practitioners in the face of climate-change tipping points and their connection to every aspect of contemporary life.
  The participating artists are: Loukia Alavanou, Sophia Al Maria, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Vasilis P. Karouk, Anja Kirschner, Eva Kotatkova, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Eva Papamargariti, Agnieszka Polska, Mika Rottenberg, Wu Tsang.
  The exhibition is designed by architect and artist Malvina Panagiotidi.Talks by international speakers who work on the debate around political ecology are organized and will be announced soon, printed materials and educational activities will extent the exhibition's content. The Paratoxic Paradoxes project has a virtual dumpsite, designed by Eva Papamargariti and Vassiliki Maria Plavou as an online parasitic body living in the PCAI site. (www.pcai.gr)

For more information please contact:
Loraini Alimantiri: +30 210 4060014 & +30 6948500531;
l.alimantiri@pcai.gr; www.pcai.gr